You can choose to live Acne-Free delighting the pleasure of having a flawless inflammation free skin today!

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Hello, I'm Allison Washington owner of My Wondering Smile I have good news that acne can actually be treated once and for all! At the VERA beauties we have treatments that can help reduce to extinction the severe effects of acne and relieve the patient. I'm talking about a proven treatment that fights the ugly effects of acne guaranteeing you an adorable skin with zero negative side effects. Come see this and believe!

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several years of dealing with acne patients have almost brought our treatment to perfection  

Acne experts

Specialists who have distinctive experience working with acne patients attend to yourself  

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Our Acne treatment services are exemplary worth every penny you are charged  


we ensure the results speaks volumes about our treatment  


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The effects of Acne were so prominent on my face and before acknowledging to live with them for the rest of my life a neighbor mentioned VERA. I was desperate for results and it didn't take long to believe that my investment on the treatment was paying off. I'm Acne-free and so can you.

-- Mamie Arnold

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